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All the prints on my site are for sale. The process for buying them is simple: First, find the title of the print (under the photo) you want to buy. Next,  read the descriptions of the print media listed on this page and decide what medium you'd like to have for your print.

Finally, go to the size and prices page and select the size you want (listed with the  medium you want the photo printed on).

Then email or call me and give me the information. I strongly recommend that you call, since I can help you decide the type medium (paper prints, metal, acrylic glass. My phone is 1-850-566-6877 and my email is

Below are short descriptions of the print media, each followed by its available sizes and prices. The selected sizes work best with both the particular media.. If you don’t see the size you want, please call me.


* Kodak Lustre “E”, featuring a fine grain pebble texture. It provides accurate color with great intensity.

* Kodak Endure Metallic, featuring a glossy finish and metallic appearance with exceptional visual interest and depth.       


Dyes are infused directly into a specially-coated, high-quality aluminum sheet to create a print with excellent luminance, detail, and durability. The dyes are sublimated (changed directly from solids to vapors, thus bypassing a liquid phase) and suspended at different depths in the aluminum sheet’s surface coating, giving the prints a feeling of depth.


I use Kodak Metallic paper mounted under 1/8” (4 mm) thick acrylic. The acrylic provides brilliance and great detail. Aluminum Dibond backing ensures additional stability and durability to my work. Another available paper is the “Fuji Crystal DP II” a popular classic of all kinds of photos with a variety of contrasts.


I use fine art canvas material. The canvas is overlaid with a glossy laminate and then is wrapped on Gator board. The print has hard core foam blocks mounted on the back for hanging on the wall. The mounts bring the print away from the wall, making it appear to float from the wall.


Beautiful print on Lustre or Metallic paper with satin laminate wrapped around a sturdy, 3/16” Gator board (a type of display board with a dense foam inner core and a rigid exterior made wood-fiber veneer).


Canvas Gallery Wraps are made with a print on Professional Photo Paper bonded onto museum quality canvas, or a Fine Art Print printed directly onto canvas material. The print is then wrapped around an artist's stretcher frame, and finished with your choice of hanging hardware. Also available with a variety of custom Frames, and as Wall Clusters and Splits. If you’re interested in the Fine Art Gallery Wraps please call me.


I hold copyrights on all the images posted on this site. Unless you have my permission, you cannot reproduce these images in any form - printed or electronic. If you want to use one of my images, email me at In your email, tell me how you want to use the image: for the Internet, print, television, etc., and we’ll discuss price or licensing.

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