ABOUT - Kevin Bruce Taylor Photography

In my early years I was a guitar player with a touring rock band. Later on I changed professions and went to work as a restaurant manager. 

While managing restaurants, I became interested in technology and I spent time learning as much as I could about the Internet and how it can be helpful to businesses. My efforts paid off, as I secured a job as computer technician for the College of Music at Florida State University. This job lasted only 3 years, but by then I had decided to continue my study in technology, especially marketing via the Internet.

But how did this lead to my work as a photographer? During those years of studying technology and marketing I was enjoying my camera and spent lots of time taking photos. I soon decided to make photography my profession while using my skills in marketing in my new photography business. So now I’m totally involved in photography. I especially enjoy landscape and nature photography. One of my major goals is to create photos that reflect the realism of a scene, that is, to make you feel that you’re right there looking at the live view.

Furthermore, I believe that photography offers an opportunity to document the plight of vanishing landscapes and endangered animals. This type of photo, when seen by the public and conservationists, could help to make a positive difference in attitudes toward our natural resources.

I hope you enjoy my photographs. I’ll be adding more to my portfolio as time moves on . . .

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